Kosol Ouch
PHD in Metaphysics


Kosol Ouch and is a lifetime explorers, teachers, facilitators and pioneer of metaphysics, bringing to us the advanced elements of theoretical physics using spiritual technology toward the greater multidimensional consciousness. He has been co-writer of eleven books of this subject, available on Amazon.

Kosol states, “When joy of technical advancement and universal exploration of peoples own existence come together, it brings an energy field that breaks through barriers which hold people hostage to previous beliefs.

Explore with us as you make a communication connection with your Higher Self to raise Humanity’s Earth vibration. This is an adventure people are taking to bring joy of creativity in both spirituality. Discover the power in you and unleash your limitless potentials, abilities and super powers. Elevate your awareness and consciousness. Activate your DNA/RNA codes and rainbow light body to access your soul ‘s memories and universal knowledge. Receive all the information you desire for every existence. Raise your vibrations and cellular structures to balance your body, mind and soul. Knowing you are one with all that is and all that is is one with you. Activate your communication abilities to your higher self and so much more.”

​Kosol Ouch’s adventure in parallel universes started in Siem Reap province of Cambodia, being sold to his adoptive family, due to extreme hardships and traumatic political circumstances. When he experienced a near-death experience as a child, his life began a journey forwhich a dream would later reveal the plans and schematics for numerous organic and alchemedic devices for tools in metaphysical transformation and expansion.

Jose T. Rubio
Honorary Doctorate
of Metaphysics

Jose T. Rubio, is an accomplished metaphysician, having studied many spiritual disciplines. In Martial Arts, he studied boxing and Aikido. His spiritual studies include that of Christianity, Baha’i faith, Gnosis, Buddhist and Shamanism, as he blending these philosophies with the sciences and spiritual technology Dr. Royal Rife and Tesla. Jose studied natural medicine with herbal and medicinal mushroom cultivation with Paul Stamens,Dr. Goiz and Jim Humble, and the emotional code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

The work of Kosol, Sokleang, and Jose consists of these following established principles: Current Quantum plasma devices employ two separate basic “life” principles. One design is based on Hearing the other is based on Space. Both these principles are the cornerstone of Alternate Healing Therapies.

Within each of our ears we have a physical spiral called the cochlea. Notice the spiral is similar to many spirals we see in Nature, fir cones, sea shells, trees, and flowers. Each spiral is giving out its unique vibration, when as a child you may have brought two similar sea shells to your ears and actually heard the sound of the sea? Which is a vibration of the earth, and in that moment you and the sea are indeed One.

Meditation combing the five senses with the innate Golden Ratio brings together a Quantum Plasma by building a device from simple things such as sea shells, copper, hot glue, aluminium kitchen foil, baking paper etc. The devices are to be used during meditation to connect with your Higher Self and other people throughout the world also to connect to the Star-gate community. Positive personality changes can be achieved by feeling the energy field; at times vivid dreams with messages of communication, synchronicity in your daily life moving up to telepathic and clairvoyance.

The second Quantum Plasma device uses Space as its design principle. Within the Quantum devices there are 6 cones and each cone point is pointing towards the centre of the cube. The Space between each cone point is between 5 and 10mm. Attached to each cone is a copper wire which is routed outside the cube to a number of capacitor / batteries. With this design combination, hot glue, wood ash etc. Quantum Plasma Energy is created.