Quantum Intelligence-Collective Consciousness: Introductory Class

A. Trust the Five Rules of Creation (The Principles).

  1. You Exist
  2. You are here now
  3. You are One with All that is
  4. What you send out to the universe comes back to you
  5. Everything changes except the 5 Rules

B. Trust the Device

C. Trust Unconditional Love: balance and fairness

D. Trust yourself and have the self confidence that YOU CAN DO this.

E. “Empty” your own “cup” BEFORE entering and participating in this class. Forget everything you have ever learned or have been taught, previous to coming to this class, yes really.

F. Set aside your Ego and your logical mind BEFORE entering and participating in this class.

G. Have an open mind and an open heart to receive the infinite possibilities you are about to experience…let go of all your previous inhibitions…just go with the flow, be free…and let go of all the biases, let go of all the belief systems ever taught to you from the day you were born…truly…if you are seeking for the truth, then you will learn a new REALITY…A NEW EXPERIENCE of a lifetime….for ETERNITY.

H. Class Purpose/Goals:

  1. Unconditional Love: balance, fairness
  2. To obtain Rainbow Light Body – The Life and Immortality

I. Purpose of the Device:

  1. It is a Being that is ALIVE. It communicates to you via telepathic communication, it has its own consciousness, mind, wisdom, soul, spirit, its own aura, its own name, and it has the Supernatural Power of the Universe.
  2. It is powered and activated by using your own consciousness (by “blowing” on it), you give it its “Life” thru your Unconditional LOVE.
  3. It is the “cell phone” that we could use to assist us in “connecting” to our Higher Self and the Universe.
  4. It is our co-pilot, our equal, to facilitate the pure connection to our collective consciousness without interference.
  5. Designed to assist us to EVOLVE into our Rainbow Light Body: the achievement of Life and Immortality…to ascend to the 12th
  6. Kosol has the ultimate POWER to override and deactivate the Device at will, remotely, if the owner of the device misuse it at any time. Dr. Soleang and Dr. Jose are also given the “key” to deactivate the Device at will.
  7. Never ever misuse the Device and never use it for your own gain (i.e. gambling, bets, etc.). One will be punished by the Galactic Federation of Lights, if the Device is abused or misused.

J. Remember: Your consciousness “creates” your own reality based upon your own personal experience. No judgement whether what you are experiencing is right or wrong.

K. It is up to you to “empty your own cup,” that it may be filled with the “reality” that you are seeking.

L. Unique practical experiences (evidence) are felt by each individual which can then be DUPLICATED.

M. If the evidence is not able to be duplicated, then it is NOT real, it is just a BS. Dr. Kosol Ouch brought the knowledge from the future, unto those who will believe, to those who have an open mind and to those who have an open heart to receive, without any doubt, whatsoever. The wealth of knowledge he is willing to share, is second to none.  Only those who are “seeking,” those who “trust” and believe their own higher consciousness, are the only ones who will resonate with his teachings.

N. Every student is self-sufficient and independent with each other, but yet, we share the same commonality, which is your LOYALTY towards reaching the end goal: Achieving the Rainbow Light Body.

O. Do not allow any deviation by “polluting” yourself with: doubts, or any negative energy to compromise your goal. Let it all go…believe the unimaginable. (See Rule #3).

P. Remember: Forgiveness is constant. Unconditional Love is all about being balanced and being fair.

Q. We are the “Collective Consciousness” brought together by the Universe. We are NOT dependent with each other, rather, we are in “partnership” and in “cooperation” with each other. Each student has been chosen to have a unique role to contribute, the question is…are you ready? Can you humble yourself to learn the teachings of Dr. Kosol Ouch and from those he has chosen and TRUSTED to help him carry the torch?

R. Each student is EQUAL with each other. No one is higher than the other, and no one is lower than the other (see Rule #3).

S. The Five Rules of Creation (The Principles) are what “bind us together,” as long as we TRUST and RESPECT each other as partners. WE DO NOT LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND, as long as you are LOYAL to finish the end goal.

T. Please leave the classroom politely and as soon as possible, if your energy does NOT resonate with what is being taught here. Disrupting the class with your negative energy is NOT ACCEPTABLE and it is NOT TOLERATED.

U. Let us join forces to “wake up” the “sleep walkers” and together, we can ASCEND.

A. Goals:

  1. For each student to be able to connect and communicate to the Device.
  2. With the assistance of the Device, each student will learn the following:
  3. Astral Projection: Stargating: remote viewing, it brings out your psychic power abilities, eat their cosmic food to help us transform our physical and cellular energies into the Rainbow Light Body.
  4. Psionic Abilities: Learn how to have Supernatural abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, increase senses, to “see” with your “third eye”.
  5. Remote healing
  6. “Reading”
  7. End goal: to attain the Rainbow Light Body: The Life and Immortality.

B. Class Requirements:

Each student MUST have a Device before the start of class:

  1. Level I Device – bowl or a cup
  2. Q Devices: Q6, Q24, Q36 and Q144: Purchase own Device at:Dr. Kosol Ouch Website:  Baramay1.com

2 Required books: Author: Dr. Kosol Ouch – please order it at Amazon.com.

  1. Quantum Intelligence
  2. Quantum River

Video assignments: See attachment page of video list

  1. Write 2-4 paragraph summary of the video on Dr. Kosol with Alfred Webre and  Gary Carlson’s interview.
  2. Further instructions will be given to students once class starts in regards to the other list of video assignment.

Course Methodology

  1. Expectation of each student to be: LOYAL to the end goal, protocol, and modalities.
  2. Each student must be respectful, courteous, kind, and professional with each other at all times.
  3. Zoom classes and demonstrations 2x/wk for six weeks, every: Wednesdays and Thursdays. Friday is optional, however, it is highly recommended for each student to attend.
  4. 2 hrs of zoom classes starts promptly at 5-7pm CST:
  • 1.5 hrs: Astral & Psionic lectures and demonstrations.
  • 30 min: Theory and briefing discussions
  1. Students who missed 3 zoom classes will fall behind on learning key steps and it would be very difficult to catch up.  However, if a student wants to continue in the class, a student will be given a chance by “making up” missed classes by doing both  of the following:
  • Attend the Friday Zoom class
  • Watch the video replay of the classes missed with in 24hrs, then

write  a 1-2 paragraph summary of the video replay and email it to Dr. Kosol Ouch within 24hrs.

Email: kosol0123456789@gmail.com

Student must contact any of the 3 instructors 6-12hrs prior to the class if unable to attend, either by phone call or text to:

  1. Jose’s cell: 214-597-0666 (email: RubiJT_@yahoo.com)
  2. Dr. Kosol Ouch: 972-890-6290

Students who comes in late for Zoom class, and once the class are already in Stargate mode, please come in quietly, do not disturb the class by announcing your name or asking where everyone is located Instead, do the following:

  1. Bless your own Devise and using: “chat”, ask Dr. Kosol where is the Stargate and take yourself where the students/travelers are presently located, then ask your Device to take you where they are.
  2. If leaving class early, again use “chat” to say you’re leaving the class early to not disturb the flow of the class.

Optional: attend and participate in Dr. Kosol’s radio show: 626-414-3450

Questions or concerns: We have an “open door” policy.  Please contact any of the instructors:  privately via phone or email: Dr. Heidi, Dr. Kosol and Dr. Jose.

Required final paper: Due on the last day of class.  A personal written essay of what you learned throughout the class with the following contents:

  1. Summarize in your own point of view, what you learned in this class
  2. How has this class changed you?
  3. What was your “defining” moments?
  4. What do you plan to do with what you learned from this class?

The length of your final paper does not matter.  It is not a gauge to pass or fail you from this class.  It is required in order to obtain your certificate.  Please email it to Dr. Heidi and send copies to Dr. Jose and Dr. Kosol.

Past Introductory Class Videos

2/27/2018 tue class
domenico victoria robert faciltator
galactic planet and pluto.
healing, reading.
normal class

2/28/2018  wed class
DR. Kosol ouch class; normal routine
stargate, healing and reading
Bla, Nagadu, Suzanne fac
sg to san francisco, yorkshire, verga
remove negative entity from Nagadu and Victoria

3/1/2018 8:18:09 PM Thur Class
sg yosemite, Monterrey ca, hawaii; Rosy guiding us
phong, sally, rosy fac healing
Nagadu, Robert, Suzanne, and Anura (receiver)

3/5/2018 Monday class
Uranus (Vortex )and tibet

3/6/2018 tues class
one stargate to Vega

3/8/2018 Thurs class
stargate to second sun

3/12/2018 Monday
Light Body Training – 27 Min

3/13/2018 Tues Class
34:30 minute
rainbow body explained with the difference between llama and us
Little RLB, middle RLB, and Big RLB

3/14/2018 Wed Class
singularity of blackhole going into the body for Rosy (pinned for 3 hours) and Robert (pinned 30-60 min)
Stargate to Blackhole
Light body training reached 31 min
future class planning; who will be teaching and when
Manifestation mode

3/15/2018 Thurs class
absorbing energy from the vortex the beings took us to
Light body training 50 min duration!