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What is Baramay?

Baramay is a handcrafted tool that acts as a torsion field generator. When using Baramay, users can describe a sudden surge of energy rushing throughout the body, a sense of calmness and relaxation can be felt, balancing of the mind and body which gives clarity for the mind. Some experience deep trance like visualizations that can be sometimes describe as astral traveling, remote viewing, etc. Baramay also helps people enhance their psychic abilities by connecting them to their higher selves (AKA Quantum Intelligence).

Baramay may help with:

  • Healing/Balancing for the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Third Eye Activation
  • Communication with Higher Self & The Collective Consciousness

Super kru commander z Khmer talk s 08-08-2022

Super kru commander z Khmer talk s 08-07-2022