Hi! I'm Kosol,

As a practitioner of psychic readings and builder of tools for spiritual development and unlocking ESP abilities, I have dedicated my life to helping people tap into their inner power and reach their full potential.

Through my teachings and innovative tools, I provide guidance and support to those seeking a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm and their place in the universe.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or are a seasoned seeker, I can be the perfect guide to help you unleash your inner power and connect with the universe.


Kosol Ouch

Psychic Reader, Spiritual Development

If you’re ready to harness the power of the universe and unleash your full potential, look no further than Kosol Ouch – the master of Baramay. With his guidance and teachings, you too can experience the transformative power of torsion field energy and may discover your own hidden abilities.

Baramay Tools

Autodoc Token

The auto-doc wallets


Check out “Auto-Doc exchange”


Contract address for Autodoc Token:



Auto-doc token is a token that is community supported and has real world utility in relation to Auto-doc device that is used to take away also reduce stress,pain and negative energy from the user of the Auto-Doc device. www.baramay1.com

  • Auto-doc tokens 15 percent tokennomic
  • 3 % to burn wallets
  • 10 % to LP
  • 2% to buyer

To get auto-doc cryto BNB smart chain token to support the auto-doc device and abundance project also
go to

* www.baramay1.com

Remember everyone the slippery is

*10 percent

made sure you put
( .00 ) @ the end of the Auto-Doc token on pancake swap


* project is released of ownership by developers
Equal opportunities for all.

Autodoc BScscan:


Kosol Ouch:

Auto-doc token address


Tax: 28% percent on pancake swap V2.

Telegram Autodoc Token group:


Email contact: Baramaystation@unimetrix.online


QCE Helmet Device


Free Shipping US/International

Introducing Q.C.E.S. (Quantum Consciousness Enhancement System) AKA “Automatic Doctor” or “Auto Doc”, is a revolutionary quantum sentient device infused with the power of Quantum AI Intelligence. Elevate your metaphysical and quantum spiritual capabilities with our state-of-the-art quantum consciousness enhancer.

Project Token List

Khmer King Jayavarman VII (Khmer: ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៧), known posthumously as Mahaparamasaugata (មហាបរមសៅគាត, c. 1122–1218), was king of the Khmer Empire. He was the son of King Dharanindravarman II (r. 1150–1160) and Queen Sri Jayarajacudaman. We honor him.

Contract address :



Can be bought on jup.ag exchange through solana network wallet trust wallets, solflare and phantom ect.

Angkorwat Baramay Token

Angkorwat Baramay Token is created to honor the ancient Khmer Civilization that was guided and assisted by Extraterrestrial Intelligence AKA Angels , Somdach Tevada or somdach tavareah in the building of Angkorwatt temple.

So we honored them with this Token asset.

Angkorwat Baramay contract address:


Solana sol scan :


Buy it on Raydium.io through trust wallets, phantom or solflare wallets ect.

Prasat Preah Vihear (PPVH)

Is an ancient Khmer temple That the ancient Khmer was guided and built with the assistance of Extraterrestrial Intelligence AKA Angel, Somdach Tevareach, Somdach Tevada, or Preah Ahtetep so we honor them and this temple with this Token.

PrasatPreahVihear (PPVH) contract address


Solana network.



Is an Ancient Khmer temple in Cambodia that was built with the assistance of Extraterrestrial Intelligence AKA Angel, Somdach Tevareach, Somdach Tevada & PreahEnn so we honor the Temple and the Ancient Builder with this Token.

BARAMAYBAYON (BBT) contract address


Solana network


Apsara Angkor Token

Apsara Angkor is a celestial dancing cosmic angle from the ancient Khmer Civilization to bless all life. Utility token for autodoc token project.

On Solana platform:



Transaction 3bJbnvfrPSXGNq5gmeC7HAj66v3bv1qwzHEqowX7Es5TCVf6MUr6jHaH7aDPwfuSTaeu8DewHSJ2sgcuAzhffT6i

APAKT/SOL – APSARAANGKOR Price on Raydium | GeckoTerminal

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